Hydraulic Winches - Hoisting and Pulling Solutions

ROTZLER winch technology and systems are safe and reliable helpers whenever heavy loads need to be lifted or pulled.

Our versatile range encompasses everything from standard winches to customer-specific system solutions and also includes an extensive selection of services.

ROTZLER hydraulic winches are subject to the highest quality standards and undergo stringent testing at our globally unique test centre in Steinen.

Hoisting Winches

Hydraulic hoisting winches  position and transport materials precisely and quickly. As dependable and effective tools, they are particularly popular in the shipping sector as well as for use in conjunction with loading cranes and drilling rigs.

Pulling Winches

Hydraulic pulling winches  for recovery and rescue as well as military operations provide powerful help in critical moments, such as vehicle recovery and self-recovery situations.


We provide you with useful accessories for hoisting and pulling winches as well as complete winch systems for lifting and pulling heavy loads.

Accessories for hoisting winches

top roller

swivel hook

modular hook weight system

hook weight with snatch block

Accessories for pulling winches

master link

snatch block

rope trumpet

wheel wedges