ROTZLER Hydraulic Recovery Winches

Apart from being impressively reliable and long-lasting, ROTZLER hydraulic recovery winches come with an attractive set of features such as simple operation, a high degree of operational safety and robust design. Furthermore, the range of possible applications is almost endless.

trucks, recovery and rescue vehicles, flat-bed trailers, heavy-load transporters or in industrial situations, ROTZLER recovery winches regularly prove their strength in both civilian or military applications.


The modular range of ROTZLER TREIBMATIC winch systems flexibly adapts to the vehicle enrivonment. All around the globe, leading vehicle manufacturers, bodywork makers and vehicle users put their trust in the unique TREIBMATIC concept.


The robust ROTZLER HZ recovery winches are perfect for pulling heavy loads. Available as a single winch or double winch aggregate, hydraulic HZ winches are powerful, reliable and strong helpers.

Brochures and Information

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