ROTZLER HZ Pulling Winches

Useful accessories for HZ pulling winches

Rotzler provides a large range of accessories for quick, safe and successful winch operations:
  • patented rope trumpet for rope exit and diagonal pulls up to 25° for differing pulling forces (70, 110, 250 kN),
  • snatch blocks to double the pulling force (models for 140, 220 and 500 kN),
  • shackles to safely link the winch rope and extension rope,
  • fixation ropes to safely link up the winch rope and the load,
  • robust master links in accordance with DIN 5688-3, Form A,
  • rope lugs for rope deflection and double pull, easy to attach to a snatch block or the towing ring of a vehicle,
  • wheel wedges made of solid steel to immobilise vehicles during winch operation in accordance with DIN 14584; two models for pulling forces up to and larger than 60 kN,
  • lighter, more compact hydraulic oil tank, space- and weight-saving as well as simple to adapt to different vehicle chassis,
  • standard-compliant ropes in many lengths and diameters to match ROTZLER recovery winches and
  • convenient operating consoles in various models for highly responsive winch control.