ROTZLER HZ Pulling Winches

ROTZLER HZ pulling winch systems

As reliable work tools with a long service life, HZ recovery winch systems regularly prove their worth in trucks, recovery and towing vehicles, flat-bed trailers, heavy-load transporters, the shipping industry and other industrial applications.

When used as double winch aggregates, they unfold their full strength when transporting extremely heavy loads, e.g. tanks. To suit individual applications, Rotzler delivers complete solutions made up of standard prodcts, accessories, options and service.

Good reasons speak for ROTZLER HZ pulling winches:

  • outstanding cost/performance ratio,
  • perfect adaptation to the most diverse vehicle types,
  • optimised installation and dimensions and weight,
  • simple and quick integration in vehicles thanks to Rotzler's installation service,
  • individual features thanks to extensive options and useful accessories,
  • tried-and-tested technology used all over the world,
  • reliable quality tested at Rotzler's unique test centre and
  • extensive winch series with pulling forces ranging from 50 – 330 kN.

HZ 051 recovery winch, rear-integrated

HZ 090 recovery winch, side-mounted

HZ double winch system for heavy machinery

Brochures and Information

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