Flexible and space-saving systems

The flexible components of TREIBMATIC winches are put together by Rotzler as customer-specific systems and can be perfectly integrated in a vehicle, even if space is limited. They are ideal for frame integration, side or rear mounting.

The pulling direction can be either to the front or to the rear (single or double pull), depending on the requirements of the user.

The features and quality of this winch are outstanding and meet all the required standards, e.g. for recovery and rescue operations or military applications.

Rotzler's digital control unit, practical accessories and user-specific options combine to form user-friendly and tailor-made solutions for pulling loads.
TREIBMATIC TR 030 winch frame-integrated
TREIBMATIC TR 030 winch side-mounted

Good reasons speak for ROTZLER TREIBMATIC:

  • modular winch systems consisting of winch and storage drum,
  • flexible and independent installation of individual components,
  • space-saving integration, even if space is limited,
  • quick, simple installation in vehicles thanks to customer-specific systems,
  • low weight,
  • maintenance-friendly plus long product service life,
  • in worldwide use,
  • reliable quality, tested at Rotzler's unique test centre and
  • recovery winches with pulling forces of 50 to 530 kN (nominal pulling force).

Two winches TREIBMATIC TR 080
TREIBMATIC TR 080 winch, frame-integrated TREIBMATIC TR 200 winch, rear-mounted
Specific applications for
ROTZLER recovery winches:

Military technology

Recovery and rescue applications

Brochures and Information

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