Target Group   OEM & Body Builder
Outcome   The details of a ROTZLER winch system are understood
Venue   customers site / at ROTZLER
Module   Sales Training for OEM`s and Body Builders
elementary winch systems
    Instructions for OEM´s and Body Builders
elementary winch systems
    Special introduction
larger Recovery Vehicles
    CE Conformity
(EN 14492-1)
Diagnostics and ECU Software Management

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Sales training for OEM's and body builders
(PDF, 585.90 kB)
Instructions for OEM's and Body Builders
(PDF, 625.21 kB)
Special introduction large recovery vehicles
(PDF, 542.66 kB)
NEXUS software training
(PDF, 572.65 kB)
CE Conformity
(PDF, 561.99 kB)